Telemedicine Technology

Monitor CHF Patients at Home: CoVa Monitoring System 2 by ToSense

 CoVa2 is the first FDA approved device for monitoring CHF patients at home after discharge from a hospital.   Hemodynamic parameters include Heart Rate, Heart Rate Variability, Stroke Volume, Cardiac Output, Respiration Rate, Skin Temperature and Single Lead ECG. CoVa2 measures changes in chest fluids via Thoracic Impedance (TEB).
CoVa can predict the potential onset of CHF episodes by as much as 2 weeks over conventional methods. In its clinical trial, CoVa reduced CHF re-admissions 84% over 6 months.
CoVa is a Class 2 medical device and may only be sold to a provider or on a prescription from a physician.   Learn more on our CoVa page and see our demonstration video.

SensoSCAN: Personal Wellness Monitoring


SensoSCAN is a personal wellness product. It is useful in helping people conveniently monitor their data supporting treatment compliance.  It is not used for diagnostic purposes. Pending FDA Clearance.

We are actively engaged in promoting or selling Sensogram products at this time.  See for information.

Our Customers.

Our company markets products and services to physicians, home health agencies, nursing homes, ACOs, and hospitals among the many provider organizations.  We sell to consumers provided they have a prescription from a provider.  If you need help getting a prescription for the product you want, we will assist you with your provider.