SensoSCAN User Instructions


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SensoSCAN set up
SensoSCAN requires connecting to the Sensogram App on a smartphone (IOS or Android) via a Bluetooth connection.  You can find the SensoGRAM app at App Store or Google Play. 
 The App Store

At Google Play

   (NOTE: do NOT download the blue SensoSCAN app.  It is old and out of date. Just download the red Sensogram app.)

Create an account with a username, email, and your password.   You need to receive an email to confirm setting up the Sensogram App.  When you click on the link in the email, by default your email program will go to your specified Internet browser.  At present, Internet Explorer is not operating.
You will be asked to input your date of birth, height, weight, and sex. It will also request you enter your blood pressure condition as Unknown, Low, Normal, or High.  If you have difficulty setting up Sensogram’s app or your account, please contact us at 800-940-7113.

Learn more about how SensoSCAN works by following this link.

 .  Please watch the videos there.

If you wish to view and store your readings online, or share with a caregiver or professional, set up

 You will need your username or email and password.  You can sync your SensoSCAN, device app, and the Cloud site to view your readings live or have your caregiver do it.  

​Updating Device Firmware
Sensogram may update your firmware from time to time. You will receive a notice via email to do this.  
SensoSYNC® device firmware updater is located at

.  .
Download SensoSYNC® for Windows or Mac and install. Once installed, the application will no longer need to be downloaded for future updates. DO NOT unplug until the success message is shown.
Connect SensoSCAN® to computer through USB cable.
Update by clicking where it says “Click here to update”. The new SensoSCAN® firmware will transfer to the device.
Run the SensoSYNC® application after installation.

Please contact Telemedical Partners customer service if you have questions at: 800-940-7113
You may review the 

Sensogram privacy policy

on the Sensogram  website.