VitalCare Training Overview Videos​

VitalTech gives user and admin training webinars 3 times a week on a regular schedule.  Contact us for times and the links.


Learn how to set up and use VitalCare

This 4 minute video covers how to set up VitalCare Users Application, enter information, and customize medication reminders


This 7 minute video teaches you how the VitalCare Platform administrative panel functions, how to use it and some of its many features.


Compatible User Devices

VitalTech advises users to purchase a tablet that they provide and have installed the VitalCare app and any BLE devices.  However, there is a wide range of user owned devices compatible with VitalCare. The user app may be downloaded from the Apple or Android stores.  It is the user’s choice.

Recommended platform for using your own device with the VitalCare application.

  •  Compatible with iOS 12 and above
  •  Compatible with iPhone 6 and above
  •  iPad models – screen sizes between 9- and 11-inch screens o Does not support iPad mini or iPad pro (12.9- inch) 
    •  Does not support iPod
    •  Does not support macOS
  •  Compatible with Android 7 and above
  •  For best results – Android 9 Pie
    •  Certain limitations on Android 7 Nougat & 8 Oreo
    •  Does not support Android 10
  •  Android tablet model – screen sizes between 9- and 11-inch screens
  •  Best supports screen resolutions for the following devices
    •  Samsung S10 – 3040 x 1440
    •  Samsung S9 – 2960 x 1440
    •  Samsung S8 – 2960 x 1440
    •  Samsung galaxy tab A – 1920 x 1200
    •  Android tablet – 1200 x 800


VitalCare support via email

with questions about other devices.

Administrative Platform Recommendations

​Recommended platform for Admin portal
• Recommended browser: Google Chrome 79
• Compatible with Safari 12, and Safari 13
• Compatible with Mozilla Firefox 69, 68 and 68 ESR
• Compatible with Internet Explorer 11
• OS compatibility
o iOS – iPad browser viewer
o Android 8 & 9 – tablet browser viewer
o Linux desktop o Windows7&up
​o macOS 10.12 through 10.15