VitalTech Paired BLE Monitoring Devices

All device sales are to the physician, hospital or senior living owner of the VitalCare administration platform license.  Individual users sign up for the VitalCare app.  A monthly user fee is charged for the administration platform (waived for 90 days) and a monthly license fee for each device purchased. All devices listed here have been qualified by VitalTech and  automatically pair to the user’s VitalCare application.
  • BLE Blood Pressure Cuff
  • BLE Pulse Oximeter
  • BLE Infrared Thermometer
  • ​BLE Weight Scale
  • BLE Spirometer
  • BLE Glucometer
  • VitalTech will drop ship BLE Devices to your patient’s residence.  Patients without a  qualifying tablet or smartphone  may purchase one through Telemedical Partners.  When purchased at the same time as the BLE devices, VitalTech will load the VitalCare app on the tablet and pair the devices for you.

Compatible Apple and Android Devices

VitalTech advises users to purchase a tablet that they provide and have installed the VitalCare app and any BLE devices.  However, there is a wide range of user owned devices compatible with VitalCare.  It is the user’s choice.

Recommended platform for using your own device with the VitalCare application.

  •  Compatible with iOS 12 and above
  •  Compatible with iPhone 6 and above
  •  iPad models – screen sizes between 9- and 11-inch screens o Does not support iPad mini or iPad pro (12.9- inch)
    •  Does not support iPod
    •  Does not support macOS
  •  Compatible with Android 7 and above
  •  For best results – Android 9 Pie
    •  Certain limitations on Android 7 Nougat & 8 Oreo
    •  Does not support Android 10
  •  Android tablet model – screen sizes between 9- and 11-inch screens
  •  Best supports screen resolutions for the following devices
    •  Samsung S10 – 3040 x 1440
    •  Samsung S9 – 2960 x 1440
    •  Samsung S8 – 2960 x 1440
    •  Samsung galaxy tab A – 1920 x 1200
    •  Android tablet – 1200 x 800